Would you like to know how to become a Buddy Mentor or sign up for Erasmus programme? Here you will find all the answers!

On Friday (23.11) we had a special guest in Radio Sygnały. Natalia Zalizniak is a Buddy Mentor, vegetarian, travel lover and used to be an Erasmus participant. We asked her some questions on our new radio program called “Erasmus Hour”. Enjoy! 🙂 



Is it possible for someone from Poland to join the Buddy Programme? May Polish people also come to your events or just the international students?

“Yes, actually there’s the thing that I would like to emphasize. The Buddy Programme is still open for everyone, so anyone that would participate or knows someone that is interested in it, can join us. It’s not only for Polish students but it’s for everyone, for example, I’m Ukrainian or we have, as I mentioned before, Turkish students in our organizations, or the students from Azerbaijan. So anyone, any nationality, he or she, can join us. The only requirement is to speak English at least a bit.”

What we need to do to join you?

They can find me or other buddy mentors on the group, text us on Facebook or they can come to the Erasmus office (Collegium Minus) and go there and tell them that you would like to join the buddy mentors program. They will transfer you to us and you will have a small conversation with them just talking about our programme, what events we organize and so on. There is also the international office in the dormitory Niechcic. You can also got there and that you would be interested to join us.”

What the latest event you did was about buddy program?


Do you still keep in touch with you Spanish friends?


Do you think that Spanish people smile more and are happier than Polish people?

“I think that’s commonly what Polish people think. Not only in Poland but all over the world. This is a kind of a stereotype about Spanish people but when I went there it’s a little bit more true. The reason is because the have definitely more sun than we do, for example, those days of October or November… But I’m not sure if they are more happy or not. I think it’s just their attitude to their life. They are simple. The thing that I noticed about them is to have the time for yourself and to spend it with your friends or family. I think that is very important for them to have a lot of time outside their houses so if you have weekend or free day they hardly ever stay at home. They would rather go to the seaside or to the mountains. Basically they are more active, spend their free time with friends, they always socialize and this it what makes them happy.”

What suprised you the most in the Spanish culture? 

Your are a vegetarian. Do they have many options for vegetarian people?

“None, actually. You need to eat meat if you’re in Spain, but I decided to be vegetarian after my Erasmus experience.”

Something happened there?

“No, I don’t think so. It was just my personal experience that I discovered. It was a conscious decision.”


What are the benefits of being on Erasmus programme?


What countries do you recommened to go first on an Erasmus programme?


And last but not least, we prepared some burning questions for Natalia. The rules are to answer as fast as you can and without hesitation.


Nicol Rzotki
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